Industrial Process Automation Training Platform


DLGK-SIMNA Industrial Process Automation Training Platform

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● The system equippen with Siemens S7-400 as master station, and slave station including
Siemens S7-300,S7-200,touch screen,ET200 and inverter.User may add components freely
as required.
● The system complete follow network:PROFIBUS-DP,PROFIBUS-MPI,USS,PPI,free
port communication. And it fulfill Wincc configuration.

Training Content

  • Network and systematic experimental program
  • Upper unit configuration software basic programming practice
  • PC reading and writing romote PLC experiment
  • MPI communication network experiment
  • PROFIBUS communication network experiment
  • Ethernet and OPC protocol communication network experiment
  • USS protocol communication network experiment
  • PPI commnunication network experiment
  • Free port serial communication experiment
  • Network remote converter and motor control experiment
  • Stepping motor control test
  • Remote I/O control experiment
  • AC variable frequency speed regulation practice

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