Innovate Industrial Automatic Control Training System (Siemens)


DLGK-SIMCA Innovate Industrial Automatic Control Training System (Siemens)

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● Module structure
● The device can complete various experiments.
Such as regular low-voltage electrical and
control;Control principle and wiring of PLC,inverter
setting and operating,speed regulation of Multistage
frequency converter;Control and load simulation of
three-phase induction motor

Training Content

  • Programmable controller to realize typical industrial control
  • Use PLC to realize elctrical control
  • Converter function parameter setting and operation
  • Multiple speed selection frequency converter speed control
  • Converter communication speed
  • Frequency converter speed control and application control
  • Three phase asynchronous motor control
  • Sensor control application
  • PLC drive control of step motor
  • Automatic control system
  • Industry configuration software
  • Design type comprehensive training
  • Human-machine interface

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