X-Calibur Bench Top EDXRF Spectrometer


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fast, accurate, easy to use

Xenemetrix’s X-Calibur Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer offers a cost-effective solution in today’s market for elemental analysis.

The compact spectrometer fits comfortably on a traditional laboratory bench and includes a fully integrated computer system.

Xenemetrix’s X-Calibur uses a high resolution detector, a software integrated camera, and a powerful X-Ray tube with variable spot sizes in order to accommodate samples of various sizes.

The unique front – anode geometry of the X-Ray tubes, combined with an advanced optical design, permits extremely close coupling with the sample resulting in increased sensitivity.

The robust design and build make the X-Calibur ideal for a mobile laboratory, and it meets MIL 810E specifications for shock testing. The analyzer provides non-destructive qualitative and quantitative determination of C(6) through Fm(100), which results in an exceptional product, capable of delivering powerful analytical results now and into the future.

Silicon Drift Detector(SDD):

The Silicon Drift Detector enables higher count rates, improved resolution, down to 125eV and faster response to minimize operational down time.

SDD LE- optional Ultra-thin detector window provides superior performance for low Z elements (Light Element) analysis.

PD (Pin Diode) Detector:

A basic and reliable detector, achieves ≥ 150eV resolution.

Robust bench-top casing: for hard/field environment.

  • Non-destructive elemental analysis C(6)-Fm(100) from Sub- PPM to 100% concentrations.
  • Six customizable filters for fast and accurate determination of trace and minor elements.
  • Down to 125eV resolution.
  • Sample tray with 8/16 positions.
  • Easy to operate due to the proprietary nEXt™ software package.

Key Applications:

Petrochemical, Polymers, Metallurgical, Alloys, Environmental, Oil, Fuels, Diesel & Liquids, Mining & Geological, Forensics, Authentication & Precious Metals, Pharmaceutical & Biomedical.

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